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WORK Technologies

Remote Asset Management & Inspection

Are your team members unable to complete traditional, physical procedures around asset inspection & witness testing?  Virtual, remote inspections with WORK Technologies verify remote operations and facilitate emergency response.


Execute virtual, remote inspections

Digitized field reports

Mobile field data collection

Validated submissions

Cloud-based inspector reviews & approvals


Verify remote witnessing of field operations

Aerial Imagery

360 visual immersion

Regulatory compliance

Industry leading security


Facilitate emergency response

Data redundancy

Permission-based sharing 

Accessible disaster recovery for Storms, Pandemics, Wildfires, Earthquakes


Digitized data collection & field reporting

Mobile field data collection
with real-time validation & authorization.  Data is automatically uploaded for cloud-based review & approvals.

3D Asset Models & Digital Field Reports

Combine Aerial Imagery with Ground-level 360 Visual Immersion. Photos | LiDAR | Photogrammetry | 360 3D

Team Meeting

Inspector Review
& Approval

Field data, reports and Digital Asset Models are automatically uploaded to the WORK portal for review and validation by regulators and auditors.


Built for easy data integrations with 3rd party software systems including ESRI, Wellstar, DataRecon and others.



1 Million

20 Million

$4.0 Billion


Documents Managed

As-built attributes

in constructed midstream assets


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